Who would gamblers choose to win a faceoff, eSports or normal Sports?

Do gamblers prefer to bet on eSports or normal sports? Most people would say normal sports, but things might be changing. 

Ask most people which is better, esports or normal sports and most would say normal sports.  But the tide is definitely changing. In fact, some people would read the term “normal sports” and feel a little defensive, preferring the term “traditional sports” or even just “sports” (as opposed to “eSports”).

This shift is happening because of a change in attitudes, with eSports increasingly becoming part of mainstream life. The global pandemic has also helped to boost its popularity significantly. It’s unlikely to be a genie that we can put back in the bottle and people find them too entertaining to want to do that anyway.

What are eSports?

I’m sure most of you already know, but in case you’re new to this area of sports, they are competitive video games. Remember how, as a kid, you probably competed in video games with your friends? It’s like that, but on a much larger scale and in an organised way.

Think of it as the difference between a kickabout at the park and the World Cup. A kickabout at the park might be like playing Mario Kart with your friends and the World Cup like playing in the MotoGP Virtual GP.

What does that have to do with gambling?

Well, just as you can place bets on who you think will win a sports event, you can place bets on who you think will win an eSport event. It might not be something you appreciate yet, but more and more people are starting to enjoy gambling on this new form of entertainment.

How big is the eSport Industry?

The pandemic has helped catapult eSport events into the public conscience. Both the number of participants and the number of spectators is increasing year on year.

An infographic that says, "Esports global audience to grow from 474 million to 577.2 million by 2024

And with the increase in the number of people watching eSports, there’s a corresponding revenue growth:

An infographic that says, "eSports market revenue (worldwide) 1084.1 million to 1617.7 million by 2024

Where are people playing/watching?

Some countries are leading the charge with eSports. The US, China, South Korea and Germany are particularly prolific in terms of the number of players they’re producing.

The great thing about this type of entertainment is that it’s open to anyone with a decent internet connection.

For those who can’t play, or who don’t want to play, there’s always gambling.

The popularity of eSports gambling

You might have noticed that many of the leading online casinos in the UK now offer this type of gambling. Some popular ones you might want to check out include:

So who would gamblers choose in a face-off?

Esports gambling is certainly nowhere near as popular as sports gambling, and only time will tell if it ever becomes big enough to truly compete. One thing is certain though, esports gambling isn’t going anywhere and it’s only going to grow.

As the number of competitions starts growing, and the winner’s pools get higher, it will naturally become more exciting and therefore attract more gamblers.

For now, normal sports are winning, but who knows what might happen in the future?

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