What Exciting Trends Will We See At The Online Casinos in 2021?

2021 is gearing up for an exciting year at the online casinos. With real-world casinos closed for business, the gambling industry appears to be pumping a lot of money into their online ventures. This means plenty of exciting trends for online casinos in 2021. Below, we take a look at 4 of the most exciting (in our opinion) trends.

Virtual Reality and E-Sports Gambling Will Grow

If the gambler can’t go to the casino, the casino will go to the gambler…or something like that. eSports and Virtual reality gambling is the ideal solution to closed irl casinos.

When big things shake society, new technologies always come out the other side running. It’s like a rule of life. First, there’s stability and everyone’s comfortable enough that they don’t see a reason to innovate. A catastrophic event then happens and comfort’s thrown up in the air. Then people start to innovate to get around the problem. Finally, they resolve the problem and notice that they’ve invented something worth keeping.

Why am I waffling? Well, the same thing will happen with VR gambling. It was floundering around for a few years, not really sure of its direction, but now it’s being pushed to the foreground with more and more casinos getting on-board.

Online casinos that aren’t seriously looking into VR run the risk of closing within a decade.

And eSports?

And the same is true of eSports. In fact, the growth in eSports gambling is outstripping the growth in VR gambling. Again, this is being pushed by the events of 2020, in particular the closure of sporting events to spectators.

Last year, we reported that investors expected rapid growth within the eSports betting industry. In the following image, you can see how share prices increased for Tencent Holdings Ltd over the past year:

A graph taken from MSN Money showing the increase in share prices for Tencent Holdings Limited over the past year. It shows a rapid climb where it almost doubled.
Source: MSN Money

Tencent Holdings Limited (otc: Tcehy) is one of the world’s largest technology conglomerate holding companies and a leading name in eSports games and gambling. You’ll probably be excited to learn that they’re planning to build an eSports town – like Disneyland but for eSports – in China. They’ll include a theme park, a university (where future eSports’ athletes will train), and a cultural quarter. They’ll also be building another eSports theme park in China.

So yep, eSports are the future. That’s not to say that real-life sports will go anywhere. They’ll still be around, of course.

Cryptocurrency will become more widely accepted

A few years ago (some) people would have laughed in your face if you’d told them that some big gambling firms would start to accept cryptocurrencies.

They’re not laughing now.

Many UK casinos allow you to indirectly pay using cryptocurrencies when you deposit money with platforms like Neteller. To stay safe, you should follow some rules when paying with cryptocurrency, but it’s fast becoming the safest way to pay for goods and services online.

As more people adapt to cryptocurrencies, it should become easier to understand, use, and play with.

An even better experience for mobile users

Mobile users are extremely well catered for when it comes to online casinos but expect even more support.

With 60% of internet users accessing the web via mobile in 2020, it’s unsurprising that the online casinos are seeing mobile users account for more than half their customers. This has grown rapidly in recent years.

Before, online casinos were all about the desktop user. That’s now flipped on its head. It will be interesting to see what innovations they’ll make this year as the popularity of mobile gambling soars.

Expect them to be busier than usual for at least another four months

Those seasoned online gamblers among you will have noticed that the last year was especially busy. The poker tables were filled more often, jackpots and prizes grew faster and were won more frequently.

It’s because we were all stuck inside for much of the year. That trend’s set to continue for several months yet, but we’re on our way out. Once we’re allowed out again, expect to see the online casinos feeling quieter as gamblers return to the irl casinos.

For now, it’s busy, busy, busy.



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