What Did The World Care About In 2020 According to Google?

What a year! 2020 is one we’ll be talking about for decades – “unprecedented”, I think was the word of the year. But, what sort of things captured our imaginations and played on our minds? I turned to Google for some answers and recorded what I found out below. Maybe people will enjoy reading this to get some insights about what it was like to live through it.

I’m sure they’ll be plenty of things you’ll recognise from the last year and some that you’ve probably forgotten.


I have to address the big one first, don’t I? The pandemic. We all know there were a lot of searches…

A graph representing coronavirus searches in the UK. It has a high peak in March, but drops for the rest of the year

…but what were we actually doing?

Hair Cuts!

Hands up who cut their own hair in 2020?

Erm, not me, totally not me. I learned my lesson a few years ago when I gave myself a terrible haircut that my friends nicknamed ‘Haircut 3000’.

According to Google, though, plenty of you did decide to cut your hair. The query, “How to cut your hair” has never been as popular as it was in 2020, with mullets and buzzcuts coming in a firm favourite (what the heck people?).

Sleep ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Did you have trouble sleeping this year? Weird crazy dreams? Google says you’re not alone with “insomnia” getting record search hits.

What Day Did You Say It Was Again?

It’s funny because I literally had this conversation about 30 minutes ago with the gardener. He said he’d see me in two days, on Thursday, and then we both had that, “Wait, what day is it again?” conversation that seems common this year.

And it was, because the term, “What day is it?” hit its all-time high in April 2020. We were a bunch of disoriented work from homers.

As proof of how out of whack I am with the date, here’s my 2020 calendar:

A picture of my 2020 calendar, still on the wall and still on March 2020.

Still on the wall and stuck in March 2020 where it all began. I’d like to blame the pandemic, but it’s probably sheer laziness, to be honest.

Did you donate in 2020?

Well done if you did! 2020 was one of the most generous years on record if the Google search trends are true. We searched for “How to donate?” more than we searched for “How to save money?”, and that’s despite many people losing their jobs.

And, the word “donate” was more popular than “How to make money?”. That’s a great one because “How to make money’ is always a popular search.

Learning new skills

What new skill did you learn in 2020? I buffed up on my web dev skills. You probably did some sort of programming course? Python, at a guess.

At least statistically, learning how to coding was at the top of the list for all searches that started “learn how to…”, with Python being the most popular.

Vegetable Patches

Did you make a vegetable patch this year? I did, and so did a lot of other people too, according to Google. Here’s a picture of my vegetable patch. I managed to grow a pair of legs and some red potatoes, and that was about it. Looks pretty, though; doesn’t it?

A picture of my actual vegetable patch, complete with a pair of legs

What did you get up to last year? Send us an email and let us know. In the meantime, check out this video from Google UK:


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