what can you do from May 17th (Casino Edition)

Fingers crossed that we’re nearly out of the woods on the old pandemic front. Here, we outline what we’ll be able to do from May 17th in the UK. 

With vaccines and lockdowns, the pandemic is retreating in the UK, and long may it continue! The government is lifting some restrictions from May 17th and taking us further on the roadmap to recovery.

How will this affect your gambling habit? Let’s explore it now…

You can meet up to 30 people outdoors: poker tournaments here we come!

We’ll be able to join real-world poker tournaments again, as long as they happen outside. So it’s not going to be WSOP level tournaments for us, but smaller tournaments are fun too.

You’ll be playing amateurs, so you’ll have a better chance of winning. There’s no way most of us can compete with professional players:

You can meet up to 6 people indoors: poker nights with friends!

If you’ve never had a poker night with your friends, you’re missing out. Beer, snacks, friends and poker – what more could you ask?

And it’s going to be all the more fun because we haven’t socialised like that in months.

Entertainment venues will reopen: casinos included!

Many entertainment venues will reopen including, theatres, cinemas and casinos!

For the nightclubs, you’ll have to wait until June, but you can still have a decent night out at a casino. Obviously, social distancing will be in place so the atmosphere will feel different, but (some) people will be happy just to be out again; it will feel like a party!

If you like to eat a meal at the casino, good news: restaurants and cafes can serve food again (table service only).

The bookies will throw their doors open for some daytime gambling, too!

Hotels, hostels and B&Bs will reopen: you can travel around the country to your favourite casino!

We have some decent casinos in the UK, so there’s no need to travel to Las Vegas (which I’m not sure is even allowed right now) for your gambling holiday.

From May 17th, you’ll be able to travel to London, Edinburgh and Cardiff (three cities that have some of the best casinos in the country and are also beautiful) and actually stay the weekend!

You’re even allowed to use the steam room and saunas if you stay at a posh hotel!

Do sightseeing in the day, play casino games at night!

We can visit large sporting events with up to 1000 spectators: watch your favourite team whilst winning or losing your bet!

Gambling is always more fun when it’s centred around your sports team (and when you’re gambling within your means, just for fun). It just adds an extra level of excitement.

Watching sport on TV has been OK, but it doesn’t have the atmosphere of that being there in person does. Yeah, 1000 spectators might not be that big, but it’s more than enough to be a million times better than no spectators (and yeah, I know my maths is off, but meh)

Organised sports are back on: back your own team!

Organised sports are back! That means you can go and play your sports again. Most of you won’t bet on this sort of thing, but the possibility is at least there!

Hugs! You can celebrate your win, or commiserate your loss, with a hug!

You might be super happy because you’ve won money or super sad because you lost money – either way, a hug will help you share your emotions.

Summing it up

May 17th here we come! Freedom is on the horizon. Fingers crossed that the road map goes as planned! There’s plenty of fun coming up for those of us that enjoy gambling but remember, “When the fun stops, stop!”. Everything in moderation including gambling and including meeting up again.

As long as it all goes smoothly, this last year will feel like a distant memory. Almost as if it didn’t happen at all.

Stay safe out there!

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